taylorswift Before...... 2y
  •   em.6 It's amazing how your pictures are always perfect. It's amazing how adoring your fans are. It's amazing how much you care about your fans. After reading your article in the Wall Street journal, I feel like I know so much more about you. And to be honest, I hold a lot of the same opinions on the topic as you. All of life is a wild adventure and as long as I have your music with me I'll be okay. I think that what seperates you from other artists is how much you care. It comes plainly across through every song and chord of the song. And of course the fact that your music is amazing helps build that fan base. And your personality is just contagious. How could someone not like your bubbly personality? I don't know. We all have haters but it's our choice to either let them get to us or ignore us. Personally, both choices are hard, especially the "obvious" choice. Well I feel like I've gotten out all I need to get out for tonight. I love you so incredibly much and please give us a sign you're working on album five (post a picture maybe?). Anyway I love you. Love, Emma 2w
  •   screamfortay PLEASE NOTICE ME 2w
  •   paige.viola14 I wish you never got that. Your stupid 2w
  •   arthearizal Ily 1w
  •   em.6 Hey Tay. So how's life been? Probably pretty good considering that you're you. I'm so excited for album five to come out. Saving up money for tour tickets and what not is like the climax of being a fan of yours. But so is hearing the first single of the album (SOON? SOON.) please let it be soooooon. Okay well I actually don't have a lot to say this time so I love you. Love, Emma 1w
  •   em.6 Hey Tay. So I think it's absolutely amazing that you go on and like everyone's pictures and make people so happy to the point that they are in tears and it's amazing and cute and there's no one better than you so yeah. If I ever meet you, I'm going to tell you to look at this picture and read basically the story of my life and I hope you do. I hope someday you read this and know how appreciated you are. I feel like the Swiftie fandom is one of the best fandoms to be in because everyone in it is so nice to each other and it's the kind of fandom where you crop cat heads on everything. EVERYTHING. So yeah that's what I love about this fandom even though there's so much more to this fandom but basically-it's the cropping cat heads that makes it so amazing. And the constant need to sing your lyrics. And so yeah you're perfect in every way. I love you so much. Love, Emma 5d
  •   comeonclifford @paige.viola14 you don't even know the correct way to spell "you're"! Get a life, hating Taylor isn't going to make you talented it just makes you a jerk! 3d

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