taylorswift Before...... 2y
  •   em.6 You're gonna have ten million followers soon. Wow. That's amazing and incredible and I'm seriously gonna be freaking out. But I've been thinking a lot recently about what if a piano version of we are never ever getting back together came out. So yeah 2w
  •   em.6 Sorry I was cut off in the middle of that. It's summer and I'm being so lazy and doing nothing but whatever that's cool with me. It's gonna be busy again when high school starts so this should be a welcome lazy time. It'll be an adventure next year but I think I'm ready. I hope I'm ready. So how's your summer been? Busy with working on the new album? Or just taking a break? Please release a new song soon. I love you. Love, Emma 2w
  •   em.6 It's amazing how your pictures are always perfect. It's amazing how adoring your fans are. It's amazing how much you care about your fans. After reading your article in the Wall Street journal, I feel like I know so much more about you. And to be honest, I hold a lot of the same opinions on the topic as you. All of life is a wild adventure and as long as I have your music with me I'll be okay. I think that what seperates you from other artists is how much you care. It comes plainly across through every song and chord of the song. And of course the fact that your music is amazing helps build that fan base. And your personality is just contagious. How could someone not like your bubbly personality? I don't know. We all have haters but it's our choice to either let them get to us or ignore us. Personally, both choices are hard, especially the "obvious" choice. Well I feel like I've gotten out all I need to get out for tonight. I love you so incredibly much and please give us a sign you're working on album five (post a picture maybe?). Anyway I love you. Love, Emma 6d
  •   screamfortay PLEASE NOTICE ME 6d
  •   paige.viola14 I wish you never got that. Your stupid 4d
  •   swiftastic13_haine You!!!2d

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