chrisbrownofficial What would music today sound like if these kids didn't exist? 2y
  •   king_simba290 83 weeks ago cuh @nissuhh__ 10h
  •   nissuhh__ @king_simba290 lol oh i knew that 10h
  •   charlottehislopx Fucking love yours&rihs relationship. It was defiantly real! You still have love for one another I mean iv been following you's to since you's started out and basically grown up seeing you's together, what you did is the past. Everyone needs to remember it's the PAST&forget it! And I don't get how you&rih are back together?! Ok maybe things change between you's after not being able to see or speak to eachother over the years but your love is real. I'd kill for love like that!! But whatever your happy with I am!! I respect&loveyou7h
  •   toytoystew <3 6h
  •   lashe17 But Rihanna's right eye it's a black eye nd they are not together nomore 5h

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