•   _aaronsthenewblack @goldcalidreams I'm super late, but my question you is, if this man is gay like what difference does it make..? Is he no longer equal..? They love differently or something..? Damn, kinda fucked up you just belatedly called them fags, because they're everywhere, been everywhere & don't think they're going anywhere forever! #imnot shouldn't be so hateful with negative words, fuck what everybody else think not even for them but for yourself! Not a good look though, especially for a female! 7mon
  •   _aaronsthenewblack So just so happen he is gay & they are together...........? when acually at the end of the day either of them has stepped fourth & said, "World you can be in my business now" so until then doesnt matter, but Tf does that mean though..? let them live shit. They not hurting no damn body. Just loving eachother & if they're even an item.. I'd rather that then them turning into two more individuals in society doing something they ain't got no damn business doing! I'd adore them as a couple & I definitely give a fuck & a 1/2 about what anyone says about that honestly. I'm late & dgas, leave them be. 7mon
  •   _kujvn still beautiful. 5mon
  •   svdsrt Omg ma babyboy and you0.0 love it 3mon
  •   mstiffanyrueshaun Has anyone heard from Frank?! I'm concerned!!! 3mon
  •   fudjan 2mon
  •   yunginin @mstiffanyrueshaun don't be he's making new music follow him on tumblr he'll talk to you 4w
  •   lephoenix_ @lauture cute 2w

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