•   ikerlunadelahera Diva, i love you :((( 4w
  •   damn__naya 2w
  •   foreign__quality Beyonce im your biggest fan i almost passed out on the on the run tour in bmore! I want to be just like you i would do anything to meet you!!!!!! 1w
  •   maribel0518 That would be great 1w
  •   __lexluthor Same city sam hood..We do it for 3rdward baby 3d
  •   i_aint_just_anybody Your always in my dreamsw 2d
  •   demond_shawn_lee Jay Z gonna be with Rihanna Mya or Mariah Carey....I hope Jay Z get that one billion dallor.... Ugly Beyonce should be with Drake because her daughter look like Drake.F Beyonce. She's a unfit bad example mother! 5h

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