time Mitt Romney after his speech in Yardley, PA. Photograph by Christopher Morris for TIME. (@Christopher_VII) 2y
  •   2cute_lola My president is still black.. I mean back 2y
  •   ecobambu Zig heil... 2y
  •   johndsteven NO 2y
  •   ky2011 Hell No! 2y
  •   ky2011 @jcrider8874 Romney is a creep I just saw a documentary on him telling some woman to give up her baby to the church almost forcing her to unbelievable . 2y
  •   _heyynayy__ Noooo 2y
  •   cheri1ps Stop smoking that stuff. Honestly ... 2y
  •   christroyer I new Adolf would return 2y

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