justinbieber Maybe 2 1y
  •   kissesisa Marry me ? 3w
  •   bizzvuhl Can you send me one??? @justinbieber 3w
  •   jenniferapaaricio for me? Thanks babe 2w
  •   andreafjell U never answer any beliebers and it kinda hurts. I have tried to get noticed since 2009 and you haven't answered anyone almost... That's why I have gaved up. My dream was to get noticed by you and millions of girls had the same dream as me, but we all gave up. You dont give us hope. You would have thousands of beliebers dream come true if you just take a few secounds to noticed some of us. It dont look like u care of that... 1w
  •   neverleavinjustin Marry me 1w
  •   _alessiasuraci Perfect 7d
  •   fiorelavr 🇫🇴🇱🇱🇴🇼 🇲🇪 🇫🇴🇱🇱🇴🇼 🇲🇪 3d

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