dockett90 Workbitch! What you twerking wiiiiiiit? 2y
  •   _focuss_ @bentlys it's call groupie luv. Celebs ect can put up a pic of a wall with shit on it, nd the groupies will like it. With hell'a comments lol. #notneva @warreng66 keep #it #reallifeshit 2y
  •   bentlys Ok well here is one for you groupie or not your allowing who ever to see what ya got and it can come across as never having anything or a easy negro waiting for one to come take his shit or simply like you have no home training. See I was raised by an era of many who taught me to ( be the secret all wants to know) and it seems these days no one believes in this full which makes you more desired.. Well for sure your sure to see who wants you for you and who wants you for your money..on the other hand Negros has an issue with making a spectacle of one owns life kind like making a mockery of the achievements that many push for.. But who am ??? Well I can say I'm not one who came from nothing, not one who scams another and for sure not a groupie... Touché 2y
  •   bentlys Excuse me darlin I didn't know you had free publicist lol this man rewrote me on YOUR behalf lol negros( nigga I got you) lol yeah get your self man.. This is crazy 2y
  •   shakevision Bandzzz 2y
  •   _solid_bennett Bands change my momma life! 2y
  •   ot_smithlane 100 banz in my side pocket French Montana voice. 2y
  •   angeltorres26 Must be nice to be a BALLER! 1y

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