taylorswift Times Square! 2y
  •   bohoswift To be on Taylor's insta is a goal @samsternn 3w
  •   samsternn @bohoswift for sure. 3w
  •   blackomg_ OMG 3w
  •   samaranogueira2 Brasil.Brasil.Brasil.Brasil.Brasil.Brasil.Brasil.Brasil.Brasil.Brasil.Brasil.Brasil.Brasil.Brasil .Brasil.Brasil.Brasil.Brasil.Brasil.Brasil.Brasil.Brasil.Brasil.Brasil.Brasil.Brasil @taylorswift 3w
  •   taylorswiftka13 I was there !!!!! 1w
  •   taylorswiftka13 And you can see me but I am not telling where i am 1w
  •   _brattycatty_ so I have recently discovered the wonder that is you and your life. I just wanna say, I can totally relate to the life of being a CCL(crazy cat lady) and a lover of retro fashion with a bold red lip. you are quite inspiring, so yay!! @taylorswift 5d
  •   brenna_linndll Oh my gosh 5d

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