taylorswift SIX days til #RED. Six tiny little flowers. 2y
  •   miss_5cents Pretty 3w
  •   samaranogueira2 Brasil.Brasil.Brasil.Brasil.Brasil.Brasil.Brasil.Brasil.Brasil.Brasil.Brasil.Brasil.Brasil.Brasil .Brasil.Brasil.Brasil.Brasil.Brasil.Brasil.Brasil.Brasil.Brasil.Brasil.Brasil.Brasil @taylorswift 3w
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  •   wendysi1129 I've never seen those 2w
  •   gracemcevoy12 Love u 2w
  •   truetaylorswiftfan Hey Taylor! My name is Katie! I love you so so so much! I grew up slower then everyone else around me. I only had one friend in elementary school and we always played fairys or mermaids even in 4th and 5th grade while everyone else was just talking. I still owned dolls and toys and we had fun but people made fun of us only because we just grew up a little slower than everyone else. Last year one of my friends (im not friends with her anymore) would make fun of me for it even though it was over. She would imitate me by using a high pitched voice saying stuff like "im katie and I love fairys and princesses" I love u because while I was in elementary school I only had one or two people to talk to but I also had u to bring me alway from everything. U thought me to never grow up so I didn't and im proud I didn't because tht made me diffirent and even if I didnt fit in I still had fun being myself. Thank u for teaching me to never grow up and to dream impossible dreams because if it weren't for u I wouldn't be the same person I am today. I love u taylor @taylorswift #taylorswift 1w
  •   brenna_linndll I love flowers 4d
  •   jinehasz @grow.fame 3d

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