taylorswift This many days til #RED (EIGHT!!!!) 2y
  •   rainbowdark43 @wendybrendon Shut up! :) 1w
  •   wendybrendon @rainbow_dark43 YOU shut up ! I'm not kidding you're just a kid. Your stupidness is SO awesome for me :) 1w
  •   rainbowdark43 @wendybrendon Yeah, I don't shut up. You're like two-six years older than me, like seriously you're almost as much as a kid as I am. Why is my stupidness awesome for you? Can you give me valid information on how that would be awesome for you? Looking down on someone, because they have paranoia problems or do something you don't like doesn't make you any better than me. I'd just like to say I'm not some little stupid kid, but you sure are a bitch. 1w
  •   wendybrendon @rainbow_dark43 Hahahaha that's so funny coming from you. Okay so first, you don't even know how old I am and then I've NEVER said that I'm better that ya anyways, but yeah you don't see all the people who are 'scared' of those things. I'm just talking to you with a mature mood, so why do you always put this stupid thing which are not EVEN real so yeah. You were such a kid when you said 'shut up' to me and I'm not trying to be better than you or whatever you can also say. And if you have "paranoia" problems as you're say you can just consult a doctor I'm not hear to treats your problem, okay? So don't be mean. Because when you do things like this you're such a kid, and I'm trying to be mature with telling you to stop those things. If you don't care, that's not my problem 1w
  •   rainbowdark43 @wendybrendon Then it's not your problem, stay out of my business, please and thank you. :) 1w
  •   wendybrendon @rainbow_dark43 Then you can just send those things to people on Omegle on something, but not on the massive popular pics thanks and goodnight. :) :p 1w
  •   annanewmann @maddimckinnon she has 8 toes showing in this photo aswell 1w
  •   anniezeek It would mean the world me me I u opened the dm I sent you 2d

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