•   lyndsayp So cute!! That's Henry after 5 min! 2y
  •   gwelsh17 He clearly needs to start taking pre workout 2y
  •   lyndsayp I want to go to the beach tmrw... Or is it only certain days/times? 2y
  •   instakohl @lyndsayp it's open everyday, sunrise to sunset. It's not fenced in though, just blocked off on the beach by cones. Free parking on the street (ocean blvd) or metered parking in the lot which is closer 2y
  •   lyndsayp You workin tmrw? Wanna meet there? 2y
  •   instakohl @lyndsayp I would but I have to work unfortunately If you go post pics of Henry enjoying it! 2y
  •   mumm_lolli He's so handsome!! Love his name too! 2y
  •   chab3ly He looks like me after I pig out.. "Don't move me" 2y

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