•   meggles_roberts Jennel u r awesome 2y
  •   rochelllllle Perf 2y
  •   mariamartinez___ You might not notice, but im hoping you do. Anyways all o wanted to say is that youre truly amazing and honestly youre my idol! When i saw your first audition I stopped doing everything i was, and enjoyed the performance you gave, which was amazing! Youre straight up goegeous and it wiul mean the world if you followe me! 2y
  •   anacarolinabocayuva fofa linda 1y
  •   paaengler your dress is soooooo beautiful!!!! yellow is my favorite color i think haha  1y
  •   katiafg The pink dress is really pretty! Loved it 1y
  •   ashley16512 Nice dresses 1y
  •   welike1dgetoverit Lol do u remember a Marissa from NBHS? 1y

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