oliveramarija 11 days into my cut n im already noticing some positive changes from the progress pic i posted then. Only 25 more days till halloween festivities!! :) this is me oct 1st lets see how i look oct 31st @fitmomoddree81 #fit #fitness #progress #cut #muscle #workout #motivation #instafitness #instagramfitness #gym #gymlife #jeans #nofilter #prep #girl #abs #eatclean #healthy #eatcleantraindirty #inspiration #bodybuilding 2y
  •   fitmom_odd Woo hoo!!! Looking good :D 2y
  •   oliveramarija @fitmomoddree81 thank you! :D 2y
  •   theblackitalian5 keep up the good work 2y
  •   oliveramarija @fit4yourlife you're welcome! :) ido intermittent fasting and was on a 4day split, just started RPT 2y
  •   oliveramarija @fit4yourlife lol its fine! did you try IF for AT LEAST 4 weeks though? 4 day split as in 4 workouts/week. mon + tues, thurs+fri..split up body parts in to those days (back+bi's, legs, chest+ trips, etc). RPT = reverse pyramid training haha. i only work out 3 days a week and i only do Day 1: squats, day 2: chest press + pushups, Day 3: deadlifts. Im trying to gain muscle and its really good for that. 2y
  •   oliveramarija @palculois workout stayed the same its posted above.its all about diet. For bulking I ate 250ish cals over my daily requirements, to cut I ate 250 under. N to answer your other question: no, no cardio lol. 80%Diet in my opinion work outs won't get you where you wanna be if you can't get ur food in order n don't eat loss of veggies/fruits/legumes/etc :) xx 1y
  •   oliveramarija @palculois noo haha.. more like months... years even. but most bulk sept- may then cut for summer. Women especially have a very hard time gaining muscle due to our low testosterone 1y

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