blairelythere This is my "Bitches Ain't Shit" face. Momma says that if anybody has a problem with me, they can go walk off a cliff 2y
  •   disneyandgomez Hell yeah! Fur kids over jerks any day! 2y
  •   blairelythere @gomezchomps hahah, yeah one of our friends is having trouble with her roommates being assholes and calling the cops. Since dogs are technically not allowed, there's a possibility she may call us out for visiting all the time. But little does she know that snitches get stitches. #Lol #ButSeriously #IWillCutYou 2y
  •   disneyandgomez Damnnn that's fucked up. Hope it works out. @theacademic 2y

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