scoochyj Yeah baby!.... #deliverybuttas 2y
  •   danielwheatley Tell us how it is #nerdout 2y
  •   rzzzo Yessss!!! Already in love. 2y
  •   anniefree11 Hey scooch.. Can I get your old star tac if you are done with that thing? 2y
  •   jaedilla Nice! Tell us what you think! 2y
  •   millsnic Jammy git!! 2y
  •   brian_delatorre Came up! 2y
  •   rayllanos You celebrities get everything first! #ifiwerethejealoustype lol...enjoy! 2y
  •   jerrickromero Hey, this is kinda random but I'm wanting to get outta of the old star bux and have been thinking if some things that I could do. Your guys' job has always interested me and I was wondering what you'd suggest for it? What type of schooling and what not. Thanks man. Sorry to bug ya! @scoochyj 2y

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