arianagrande I want one 2y
  •   magagoizueta Aww 9mon
  •   anne99tyler The cat cute more than u 8mon
  •   bibbleianas No ariana and the cat are both cute @anne99tyler 8mon
  •   casiano1018 Hey hey cutie comment ur number on my profile pic and I'll delete it straight away so nobody sees it and I will not tell anybody but please don't read this and don't respond u will be alms if u do 7mon
  •   anvanderej200 I have one 7mon
  •   cakeforgrande I WANT THINGS TO GO BACK TO THE WAY THEY WERE 5mon
  •   julia.zinszer You were going to get one last Christmas but you didn't 2mon
  •   amanda.han happy bday 2w

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