srblane Products I regret buying! 2y
  •   chelsina Really?? I really like the suave dry shampoo and the philosophy face wash too. The other stuff I've also tried and didn't like so much. 2y
  •   jessicakaylaloves Yeah I got the blue version of the shampoo/conditioner and its not good either. My hair is dry and tangled really bad when I get out. @srblane 2y
  •   according2tori The Brazillian Keratin therapy is my fave conditioner! I use it in combo with the organix tea tree shampoo. Love that product line! :) 2y
  •   according2tori Wait just read the caption 2y
  •   according2tori Why do you regret them? 2y
  •   czarinabiancasto I hate the dry shampoo as well! The tresseme one is better. The pssstt Psssst one is the best! Batiste is a close second. 2y
  •   srblane @czarinabiancasto I just bought the tresseme last week and I'm liking it so far! I got the psssst one is one of my beauty boxes and I loved it! 2y
  •   melodyofamermaid That's the I only organix I don't like. The smell is not good. Hah 2y

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