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  •   lisaray3 U probably don't kno it but I'm definitely your type! 2y
  •   momentsoflifecrafts You got fame and money so you left the women that supported u behind closed doors cos your through them now. Wish there were more men in the world and less boys. What's wrong with all you rappers- worst role models for soceity- big up for chasing the paper- that's all u do. You watch face, you ain't no man. She going to find someone amazing and one day you will regret it. 2y
  •   prettymafia12 Things change ppl change life goes on @meekmill 2y
  •   neseneicyneesee Stick with what u got back at home don't be no fool and get with somebody new @meekmill work it out it a get better she been with u from the start u and her both should share this experience . Together 2y
  •   jonziwifey STOP IT YOU THIRSTY BITCHES MEEK AIN'T THINKING ABOUT Y'ALL & pay attention his money is on his mind not you THIRSTY ASS HOES...... Dammmmm 2y
  •   finesssking Real shit 2y
  •   32flavors_xo But i still love you :( 2y

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