thenewclassic Lmfao at the side eye that lady is giving me 2y
  •   elliq_ Lmfaooo! I hate when people fuck up a pic like that. 2y
  •   peteravalon It wouldn't be complete without her 2y
  •   alanna_ Omg lmfao #photobomb 2y
  •   luisholloway Lmaoo 2y
  •   __kemisha__ 2y
  •   queensprincess2000 Idk who she is but she given a look at you girl 1y
  •   _tanna__ Iggy you have been such a huge inspiration to me! I haven't been a fan since you first started making music, but when I discovered you, I was so inspired. To do what you have done and stand up for yourself, and make the whole world know you, I am truly inspired! You have gotten so far in such a short amount of time, and I think that you have done amazing things! You are my hero and my inspiration. I look up to you in so many ways! #thenewclassic #iggyazalea 2w

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