hprsmum #vegan pizza from #realfooddaily for @whitenebula 's bday meal... And the BEST #kale I've EVER had 2y
  •   jennaohale @biiitchfest ohh cool. I live in Bakersfield. We head to LA about once a month or so for food and fun. :) 2y
  •   hprsmum A cousin of mine just moved to bakersfield for work. From Hawaii!! I might go up there in November or December for a weekend to visit, we should hang! Or, on my way up to Portland in January or Feb ;) 2y
  •   jennaohale @biiitchfest totally!! That would be awesome! :) 2y
  •   whitenebula Bakersfield from Hawaii? OMG. Kill me now. 2y
  •   hprsmum @whitenebula I know right?! 40k a year extra though. 2y
  •   whitenebula Haha, I was offered $32k more a year to stay in the SAME city, and I said Fuck That Noise. I would just never do that. LOL 2y
  •   whitenebula Also, tonight I will be dreaming about that kale. 2y

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