tomiejane Return of the Mack. Once again, return of the Mack. Top of the world, return of the Mack. Watch my flow, you know that I'll be back. Here I go... #mack #macktruck #lemayfamilycollection #tomiecarporn #dirtyhipsta #bw 2y
  •   puggirl 2y
  •   chol78 This is one sexy ass dirty hipsta tomie! What combo did you start out with? 2y
  •   vwgurl80 @tomiejane I love that song! Takes me back to middle school days (pretty sure it was that long ago). ;) 2y
  •   offwhitephotos Haa! Loved that song... And this image is so badass 2y
  •   tomiejane @chol78 Thank you! This is Jane & BlacKeys Supergrain. 2y
  •   spd1380 Nice one, Baby! 2y
  •   tomiejane @spd1380 Thank you! 2y
  •   jaxxierb Omg I just started busting up with that caption!!!! I haven't heard that song in years!!! Hahahahahaha awesome. 2y

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