kdkuiper I was in history class, where were you?
Collab with the amazing @molmiller. So thankful for her amazing picture! If you don't follow you're missing out! #911 #september11 #neverforgotten
  •   kenzatazi Very sad that they died i still remeber this day i came to america the same summer and saw all the people in these pictures and there clothes whic was very sad :'( I HOPE THERE KIDS AND FAMILY RE OK 2y
  •   underrated_idiot It was my first day of school :/ 2y
  •   j_frvnk @missfancypantaloon I've been reading a lot of these comments but when I read yours I got the chills so bad. When the twin towers fell I was in 1st grade an living in California. I guess I just comprehended how much the falling of them impacted people all over the world. Not just in America. From Europe to Ausraila and other places. This is a day that will always be stamped in history. 2y
  •   bobosse68 Yes this date is important in france and germany witch a live. We never will forgot this day. 2y
  •   carvalhoruy In Brazil. I was in my intern, going back for lunch time. I got my car and turned on the radio. I couldn'd believe what I was listening. I really thought that was some kind of NO funny joke. That never could be true. It was impossible to happen. I just believed what was going on when I got at home and turning on the TV and could see the images. Best for you all. I'm planning go there next year. 2y
  •   b_cruz07 I'll never forget 2y
  •   archercian Right below 5 WTC 1y
  •   iphotographyandart In Holland. Idk what i was doing because i was like 3 years old 2mon

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