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sodraya Me... 2y
  •   flyass_angeliece @nicknack2013 I felt the same way, Bambi and Brook are the same type of character as Draya but they accepted them with open arms this season smh 2y
  •   pixfav So since you've dropped your class, who else is left? 2y
  •   mikaelanicoleash Posted on my birthday! 2y
  •   myrys_yaya Draya ain't going.giving Jackie's bitch a$$ the bzns! Get it ma! 1y
  •   ronda_gotem I Didn't like how you let them try n tell you what kind of a mother you Are... You should of went in on all them bitches 1 by 1... You didn't owe none of them explanations on a damn thing when it comes to your child Foh... You last season<< You this season>>>>>>>>>>> 1y
  •   msday_ I feel you it's called being mature which a lot of people don't understand that, you act like a lady while they acted like chicken heads @sodraya 1y
  •   julissablanks Don't let Jackie get to you she's A fake old ass women so don't let her get to you be the bigger person I know you know how to beat all them girls up instead BAMBIE AND M 1y
  •   oxsammypvxo You were straight last season. Fuck whoever says differently. Those bitches constantly thru low blows & attacked you on every angle b|c you look good, you were goin places & you didn't feed into their hate. You stood your ground, you did what you needed to do, you were composed & did your thing regardless & now that they ALL actually KNOW you, they don't want none b|c they know they were on some bullshit lies/drama @sodraya 1y

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