beachmama BOOM!! someone asked me today to share my 'diet' plan with them, I replied, "Its not a diet, it's a Lifestyle!!" #simple #eatclean #traindirty #vegan #vegansofig #love #onelove #plantbased #lifestyle #health #healthy 2y
  •   hawaiiansojah True story 2y
  •   shellideleen Great words of advice. Question for you - During your last juice fast how much did you lose and how many days did you juice? 2y
  •   bellasfitmom True 2y
  •   jennjames315 Awesome! Yes- 2y
  •   lovemykk I wanna start the juice diet .. I need some help? @beachmama 2y
  •   pleiades_sg6 Nice Photo! I'm on InstaMessage, go to @instamessage to download the app and join me now! 2y
  •   beachmama @beer_bad lol it's like a punch in the face!! Lol @leauxleaux go for it!!! Super awesome! @shellideleen I did 60 and lost 48 then 18 days later I did 20 and lost 15 more. Now eating 75%+ raw. And low to no fats n oils with the exception of some avocado here n there ;) @lovemykk email me of youd like or FB me?! I'll send u my number n we can text :) xoxo 2y
  •   beachmama @lovemykk email me or fb me. I wanna help :) 2y

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