thekatvond Oh, Piaf! 2y
  •   aubreyassassin ..I'm trying key word trying to ask my fiance to get me one.... ugh sooo amazing and cute...dreaammm mew mew<3 2y
  •   laurennolan_ That spine :o 2y
  •   shogs1 @thekatvond hey.. what type of cat is Piaf? Are they only in the US? Im in the UK but would love one! they are an amazing breed Xxx 2y
  •   xandriaw @shogs1 Its a Sphynx cat. Theyre a rare breed so you have to find a Sphynx breeder. Theyre so cute arent they? ^_^ 1y
  •   shogs1 Thanks @vortexdamage I guess the search begins lol :-) 1y
  •   dorta26 Those eyes! <3 1y
  •   toriiran Wicked!!! ;) 1y

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