ludacris We are facing off about which team is going to donate their shoes to Charles McCree Presents #WalkAMileInMyShoes charity shoe drive 1st 2y
  •   0tysonn0 I love u luda I know almost ever song that is urs o and I love Kevin u goin learn today alright alright alright 2y
  •   zothethird I kno they jus playin hiw he gon mug lyda with a ludaday jersey 2y
  •   lamarsod Kevin needs to use that face for tht gangster look for his standups 2y
  •   schoolinnlife Luda looks like he wants to laugh! Lol 2y
  •   bajan_ashaqui Luda cant he see u r towerin ova him lol ....Love me sum ludacris 2y
  •   be_rossin_64 Kevin looks upsey he probably was losing the argument 2y
  •   markoisback Haha kevin is crazy hit my page up 2y
  •   crownvicdmv Lmao @itsludacris he bout to whip your ass 1y

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