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snookinic Happy 4 days old of being a mommy face! 2y
  •   rathagiveumybitchh @catalinababy @abbyapple97 how about you both shut up!! It's a famous persons picture you guys probably look like idiots to her. She has no idea who the Fuck you are and i sure she doesnt care about any of you so you both need to grow up and stop fighting with people miles away from you who you DONT kno. Absolutely ridiculous. 2y
  •   cat_ooo_hataah @rathagiveumybitchh so your on here because!? Haha now you look dumb we dropped it you just commented on your own so you shut the fuck up. 2y
  •   rathagiveumybitchh I'm on here cause you two idiots needed to be told something. Yeah I did comment on my own and? Little girls like u make me laugh @catalinababy 2y
  •   janetayee_xo Love the head band! 2y
  •   jassy_strives How adorable 2y
  •   sekhriamit This is so not u 2y
  •   taytaycashy143 @snookinic when I'm having the shittiest day Evs I watch jersey shore and you and dee literal make my day so much better. Shitballs I love you guys! 1y
  •   jenafreed Shut the fuck up @abbyapple97 11mon

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