todayshow @mattlauernbc sits down with Florida Senator, #MarcoRubio in Tampa. #NBCPolitics #RNC2012 #GOP2012 2y
  •   seston1 @laceywilliamsslankard no need to even bother if you are that misinformed. 2y
  •   laceywilliamsslankard I'm misinformed but ur the genius ??!!!??? Ok @seston1 . But u never answered the question but that's enough of an answer for me :) 2y
  •   n_marzone just cause were republican doesnt mean we are a bunch of racists it just means that we would rather keep our money than pay higher tax rates and give all our money to people in the lower class. i wouldnt want to see America become a socialist country so #Romney2012 2y
  •   dolce_vita1977 @juswisper I totally agree with ya doll !! Obama all the way , the last president we had that I believe actually did anything positive for the country except for our current pres was Clinton , he might have had drama but he got things done !!! 2y
  •   dolce_vita1977 @seston1 I was talking about Matt but I agree that Mitt is one as well and I pray he doesn't become our president , then this country is really DOOMED 2y
  •   dolce_vita1977 @reebie46 thanks doll 2y
  •   shhh_juswisper @dolce_vita1977 thanks Hun " it's just a political circus but I believe our president will still win this one " Romney has no respect for womens choices ' smh ! 2y
  •   siruhs35 Obama will be president again, and the last at that. Doce_ vita we are already doomed. You'll see! 2y

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