marscuriosity NASA/JPL 'color enhanced' image- produced by #Curiosity's 100mm #MastCam on 23-Aug-2012. To provide a size reference, the dark mound of rock (image center), is about 1000ft/300m wide and 300ft/100m in height. 2y
  •   arbors_vitae I love you @marscuriosity. 2y
  •   theo6294 Great pic ! :D 2y
  •   mmpeezy Are the sedimentary layers from deposition? If so how many times has that crater been filled over time? Does that give insight as to the minerals coming in from nearby? 2y
  •   mmpeezy @mwara yeah I had the same line of questioning, that means that there's a lot of material being transferred, might be a way of relatively dating nearby craters? 2y
  •   hansdose72 There's a tusken raider behind that rock on the right. 2y
  •   mericsso Why don't they send a rover like this to explore the back side of the moon? 2y
  •   dmc___16 Cool 7mon

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