•   chelseaorlena Yay twin !! @swbuck 2y
  •   naomi.y @swbuck these are people who work 40 hours a week that they have to prove that they are still under the poverty line. Many college students used planned parenthood for safe contraceptive methods. And it is ignorant to say people shouldn't be having sex if they can't afford it. You never know the circumstance you need compassion or people who have to turn to food stamps or public government sponsored health programs for health 2y
  •   naomi.y Look up Todd akins, republican senate candidate and what he said about women and rape. Mitt Romney has asked him to drop out of the republican race for senate since he is damaging the republican party with his ignorance and this has been said by Romney lol 2y
  •   presgojp13 @naomixo5 I'm sorry but you literally know nothing about politics, you sound like a liberal drone. Todd Akins is one man. The amount of scandal from the democratic party back to Kennedy alone is higher then mt. Everest. Ted Kennedy killed a chick, last year Anthony wiener new york congressmen sent his dick out on his twitter...you want to speak about something relevant in politics get your head out off CNN (Clinton News Network) and read about real issues. Thanks. 2y
  •   presgojp13 not trying to be a dick...just saying 2y
  •   conservadave @naomixo5 people say stupid crap all the time and that way WAAAY stupid. Planned parenthood gets a small percentage of their annual funding from the government (taxpayers) so the argument that defunding then makes them go away is ridiculous. taxpayers should not be forced to pay for something they do not agree with, period. 2y

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