kevin Later, Portland. 2y
  •   uhhvanessa hello kevin! i hope you are having a lovely day. hopefully you see this comment. I am very in love with instagram. it is actually my passion. i love taking pictures and being able to share that with the world. I am honestly very tired of my username. i dont like it at all. can you see if i can change it to @vanessa? that user is inactive. please consider it. i would really appreciate it. thank you so much! 8mon
  •   _linddsayy__ DONT DELETE TALIA'S ACCOUNT!!! 7mon
  •   imnotthemoon So beaty <3 7mon
  •   imnotthemoon Beautiful* 7mon
  •   wyatt_bonno15 What car is that? 6mon
  •   anthonythuro @wyatt_bonno15 like a 56 corvette 5mon
  •   peoplethesesday Kool ride 4mon

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