chrisbrownofficial BOOBHEAD RED! Monster collection! 2y
  •   miz.bee Actually it was 9hrs ago u & don't talk bout urself ms @choco_whit u went out ur way 2 tagg u love the attention I just created it & btw ur line dat was soo 2 makes no sense sweety & I don't do dark girls sorry 2y
  •   choco_whit @proudyanab ;) ard u got it.... 2y
  •   miz.bee Ard??? Lol @choco_whit what's that mean lol ard 2y
  •   rojo_kid Imma Hip-dancer & most deff would 2y
  •   rojo_kid ......Wear this to perform 2y
  •   rojo_kid Wtf? LMFAO did I write this? Lol #hi 2y
  •   urbstones @rojo_kid stfu 3mon
  •   shimonaee Happy Birthday 2mon

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