amazing_cars It runs in the family • Porsche Carrera GT and Bugatti Veyron • 2y
  •   par_k3r @_ry89 @redbull757 i agree, the veyron is played out. You could pretty well quad-turbocharge anything nowadays and it'll hit the 400km/h mark. In my opinion its nothing all that great speaking on looks. In fact i think its kida ugly. I could spend $2mill. On alot cooler (and sexier) shit than a veyron. Like a carrera GT! Fuck it, make it a Gemballa Mirage and i'd be happier lmao. 2y
  •   _ry89 People also don't realize every buggati they make an sell they loose money on! It's a 350k body! The motor is 125k the transmission is 95k when this car came out the carbon fiber technology wasn't as advance an cost buggati a fortune!!! It also has 16 radiators, 4 turbos... Magnesium metal, it's a ridicules car! They sell it way under price ! If this was sold for a profit like every other car it would cost 10 million dollars min!!!! @redbull757 @par_k3r .... People are jus uneducated N are heavily influenced by the media.... 2y
  •   par_k3r @redbull757 the interior of the agera R is fuckin amazing!?!?! But ur right, to each his own. ;) 2y
  •   _ry89 Yes cause if they could build the car to the specs of the bug they to would loose money ... @redbull757 2y
  •   kolebauer24 Sweet 2y
  •   jaredrice_ Porsche 12mon
  •   mohammadrezaa7 bugatti 8mon
  •   ali_abaszade Top 5mon

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