carrygram Got the Leafstorm sharpened for a dollar at the Farmer's Market lol 2y
  •   toniclime Lol...awesome. 2y
  •   asimplefarmer Hell yeah! 2y
  •   bosworth5 Plaza Cutlery in Costa Mesa does great sharpening too. Dollar an inch maybe. 2y
  •   virgilvillains Its not a good idea to sharpen on rotary stones like that, the stone heats up and could damage the heat treatment of the blades edge.. Not a big deal for most blades.. but if you got a really well made knife, a rotary stone is a quick way to turn it into a average knife.. 2y
  •   dead2thecore @villythekid good advice!!!! 2y
  •   mrlomas A leather wheel works wonders and also a polish wheel super fine. Polish don't grind. 2y
  •   forestforrest @virgilvillains if you would look he is using a paper wheel not a stone 3mon

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