snooplion Being interviewed by @shaheemreid from @xxl #snooplion #reincarnated 2y
  •   garb_ You should be called snoop potato. 2y
  •   snyds_ Photocreds 2y
  •   iam_gorilla This is re-dic-u-los....not gorilla and not keeping it do know Tim dog has stole your name again...Tim lion yeh and he is a better plastic rasta than you... 2y
  •   trawwwwwww Though it was Rick before I hit the picture 2y
  •   4dev2dog0 You got 420 likes I wanna like it but it's 420 9mon
  •   picobelloo Yo snoop! Yo muslim? 8mon
  •   bk757809 Aye snoop wutz hatnin how can I cecome on da lacel? k d o t checc dat out gz 6mon
  •   toppall Soft 4mon

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