•   winkwinkers @kritttten hey since u like that picture from my profile, there are many more to come! I'd u could follow me that would be awesome. :) or a shout out would make my day! I could give u one too! thanks! 2y
  •   klysy Curtain lookin sexiii! I see your tan, you lookin blacker errday! 2y
  •   kritttten @klysy I need a nickname for you! You always be lookin sexy tho! I think I look like an oompa loompa that escaped from willy wonkas chocolate factory! But thanks stupid hoe! 2y
  •   klysy @kritttten ninja, please! If you look like an oompa loompa, then I look like the turd that comes out of an oompa loompa! and how in the hell do you have so many likes on this picture? (not that you don't be lookin sexi. That's just a butt load of likes. Haha) 2y
  •   nebbers_chrystal1213 Your soooooo pretty Kritten! I love && miss you sooo very much! I hope your doing great! @kritttten 2y
  •   kritttten @nebbers_chrystal1213 You are dude! I love ya mooore. 2y
  •   nebbers_chrystal1213 @kritttten Forreal dude? Naaaa Girl quit playin' you know I be lovin ya moore 2y
  •   nebbers_chrystal1213 Hahah 2y

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