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imafreeman This my friends, should be what your week looks like if your trying to get your fitness on! If it doesn't then you might want to adjust a few things. #fitness #gym #health #motivation #inspiration #fit #healthy #live #life #goalweight #mostpopular #workout #intense #justdoit #goal #determined #julyphotoaday 2y
  •   shrnchn @imafreeman forgot to mention for the compound exercises I'm doing 4 sets for each exercise. Still stick to 12? I can barely reach 10 lol..I will give your 20 2y
  •   shrnchn Min cardio a try!! :))) 2y
  •   imafreeman I would take it down to 3. That would b a lot sooooo many sets if you are trying to do the whole upper body. Maybe do 4 for bigger muscle groups (chest, back) and 3 for the smaller (shoulders, bicep, triceps). Yeah let me know how it goes @tripleyum 2y
  •   hunter_leal Okay so I just tried to do a whole body workout yesterday and I'm probly never doing it again cuz it was just too intense for me. (almost threw up) lol but when I did chest, I only did 2 exercises and 2 sets of each exercise and I still surprisingly got sore lol. So today I'm going back to the mass building schedule where I'm supposed to do chest and back. But like I said, my chest is a little sore. Would you suggest I go ahead and do chest again today but hit it harder? @imafreeman 2y
  •   hollywoodattyg This is going to be extremely helpful! It sounds a lot like what I've been doing, but it helps immensely to see it planned out. :D Thank you for posting this! @imafreeman 2y
  •   justin_lyn So, is morning cardio a must?? I'm not much of a morning person! And I was also wondering why you'd suggest as far as dieting, I tend to be a picky eater.! Lol 2y
  •   imafreeman No its not a must. If you can't do it in the morning try doing it after you workout, never before. I have a few tips on protein, carbs, and fats on my page here. Look through them and see if they help at all. @justin_lyn 2y
  •   justin_lyn Thanks! Will check it out !!! Thanks for the advice tho! Do your saying to do any weight lifting part before any cardio! 2y

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