•   cocoyamato お嬢さん、お出かけ?オイラがエスコートします! 2y
  •   biaga Own! So Cute! 2y
  •   wowo113 @peko28 you should give it to me   i wear cuter then you   2y
  •   wowo113 @masquerade_ Thank you,she looks like a girl in the picture   2y
  •   wowo113 @sei1030 This hat too girly   if put on Caren must be cute and pretty  2y
  •   masquerade_ @sei1030 Wowo's papa is naughty. Makes fun of poor Wowo .  2y
  •   sei1030 @masquerade_ Wowo's papa? wowo113 is a cute girl, you know? 2y
  •   jean_alvernia How lovely!!! 2y

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