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jilllangel Can't be more fail.. = = @ngchikam 2y
  •   chikamn arghh:( disaster except first one haha 2y
  •   lincooo 太巧了吧!!我认识她!!她在深圳住我家楼下!!! 2y
  •   jilllangel @lincooo真的假的真的假的就外語的學姐啊本來都不認識的來到才第一次見面然後她好好就這樣帶着我玩了3天:") 2y
  •   lincooo 哇你也太好运了吧!!!对啊她也是高中部的! 2y
  •   jilllangel @lincooo對啊我也覺得我這一路都人品爆發了 2y

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