barackobama "This election is not just about two candidates or two parties; it’s about two fundamentally different visions of where we take America."—President Obama in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 2y
  •   sd.x wow 2mon
  •   trillemery That quote is serious, wow you people are blind 2mon
  •   alx_xiao Niiiiice!!! 2mon
  •   neath_oukreal Wow to many people 2mon
  •   vivianandreamolina OMG :ooo } 2mon
  •   romavlas Obama killer 2mon
  •   galaxy.new282 اسرائیل وامیرکا واحد .. لتتحد الاعلام تحت رایه امیرکا ... للان العزه للمومنین تحت رایتکی امیرکا 1mon
  •   yangxoyang 看看人家总统和人民聊天,,咱的呢 2w

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