yg This how u know it's real 2y
  •   mis_america Omg, they are shoes, money comes n goes. Basic ass beezys...haha! Do do ya thang girl. And @yg sign whatever a fan wan wants u to sign. 2y
  •   g_35_whipin Dumb ass hoe 2y
  •   _lordshane_ The girl behind her at the bar is hella hott 1y
  •   slmr93 @nanicassie look at you. Not even your pic but you still looking bad 8mon
  •   nanicassie Lol wtf was I even looking at, I was just waiting for my pic lol @slmr93 &you hear all these bitches haha HATIN? Tf on what I was doing my thang don't know the female &they trippin haha stupid GIRLS!! Ima snatch this pic oh thanks everyone for the compliment @tha_nova @tonytone_1hunnid 8mon
  •   slmr93 Hating? What is there to hate on? For whaat?!!! Lmao were helllla late! @nanicassie 8mon
  •   nanicassie I know I forgot this pic was even on here haha @slmr93 8mon

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