bethiny I'd you can tell me what this is you win a prize #weird #wtf #crypticpicture #noidea 2y
  •   lucy90r Cake? I dunno but it's guna annoy me until you say! 2y
  •   bethiny No, honey you don't understand. I myself have no idea what it is hahaha but I'd someone says the right thing it might jog my memory or make more sense of it so I can figure it out lol aaarrrggghhh!!!! 2y
  •   lucy90r What the hell? Why would you do that to me????? 2y
  •   bethiny Ahahahaha xxx 2y
  •   gilb_21 Found out what it is yet? Xxxx 2y
  •   bethiny @gilb_21 nooooooo :'( 2y

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