wind2themill #baby_I giving Gomi a kiss. Then they both got in trouble w the stupid neighbors aha.. #pitbull at play #myinstapit #ilovemydog #cute #fun #nice #loving 2y
  •   milfy_on_the_rox What the neighbor say? Are they pit prejudice! 2y
  •   wind2themill @milfypie_xo yes they are..very. Its obnoxious. They told me to keep my dog off their yard lol. I failed to mention that Baby did run over there on her own. 2y
  •   milfy_on_the_rox @wind2themill Gomi is the cutest name ever! I hate how they stereotype Pitts. They are one of the kindest breeds. Our Sugar loves the Boyz and she really like kids. It's the way you treat n raise them. Any dog will attack if threaten just like us. You should tell your doggy to take a big warm in their grass lol 2y
  •   wind2themill @milfypie_xo ahaha good idea but they'd know its us. We give each other dirty looks all the time. They know we don't like them. Yea they are def sweet hearts and it is all about how u raise em. Gomi is a sweetie too. Big gentle giant lol. Next time we got Baby and Sugar should play together on Frances. They have a fence lol. 2y
  •   milfy_on_the_rox @wind2themill that'll be great cuz she needs a playmate! 2y

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