ayygabbykayyy a turner field sunset. #braves #baseball #mlb #atlanta 2y
  •   dk_kessler Lol they are most streaky bunch of hitters I've ever seen. I really hope they pick it up after the allstar break I would live to see some postseason baseball again. 2y
  •   ayygabbykayyy it would be great to see them get out of this slump. on paper they've got a great team put together. it's definitely year of the fish though. would miami be ready for another victory parade?! haha 2y
  •   dk_kessler Hell yea we are always down to party =P so you live Chicago? And have a rooting interest for what teams in what sports? 2y
  •   ayygabbykayyy @dk_mia i actually just moved to philly! born & raised in chicago though! i try to visit as often as possible! huge sox, blackhawks, bears and bulls fan. i know you're a heat fan, but i can't help it haha. 2y
  •   dk_kessler I like the Blackhawks behind the panthers. I can't wait for hockey to start back! I'm kinda a dork i tweet too much about the Marlins so I created a second twitter @fishfanofficial so if I'm quiet I'm my personal one you can always find me there :) 2y
  •   dk_kessler But when the panthers season starts I'm destine to lose lots of followers lol 2y
  •   ayygabbykayyy why would you lose followers? are they predominately baseball and baketball fans? the panthers hold a special place in my heart due to all the former blackhawks you guys have! 2y
  •   dk_kessler Yea down here we have a smaller group of FlaPanthers fans then dolphin heat or marlins and when you start tweeting about them they are always like hockey come on who watches that shit but w.e could careless because I love it and I know how awesome it is. Yea panthers are Chicago's minor league team #blackpanthers lol what happens if we trade for luongo? U still gonna like them? 2y

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