bethanynoelm I like people who give me passion tea Just sayin.. Lol 2y
  •   hannah_s_l_h Tea!! 7mon
  •   selenagomezzx Hey bethany i liked almost all your pictures, and ive only liked half of jb pictures that how special you are . Im in love witth justin bieber ! @bethanynoelm 7mon
  •   __aliceex You do like Starbucks don't you, your holding one in like every picture 3mon
  •   juliahuff_ First comment in 7 weeks LAWL. So hai bae ily 2mon
  •   dena_mustafalafa Than ill bye you the store of Starbucks for ur birthday! 1w
  •   beth_foreva I'll fly all the way from NJ to Cali and get u a passion tea... But first, lemme take a selfie 6d
  •   beth_foreva Selfie wit u~~ 6d

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