sadapatino Every Tuesday is shipment day more like nail polish chip day!!! #sallybeautysupply #chippednails 2y
  •   kayeladel Story of my life!! That's what my nails will be looking like tomorrow around 10AM. 2y
  •   sadapatino Lol it's so sad! It's sucks because I get my nails all pretty and just knowing there going to get messed up in a few days. #girlproblems @kayeladel 2y
  •   kayeladel Lol, I know! You just gotta enjoy them while they last! Or you could try to find a really good top coat! 2y
  •   sadapatino @kayeladel I've tried all kind of topcoats lol I think I need to invest in the no chip manicure! 2y
  •   kayeladel Those are really nice! You should!! I think it might be kind of hard to do it yourself though ..I went to the nail salon to get mine done. 2y

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