harrystyles Need a wee.. 2y
  •   isadoggers_ Sometimes* 3d
  •   akeet_1d You need 2d
  •   grysse_directioner Love you @harrystyles now and 4ever2d
  •   oneband_onehope Sometimes I worry about you hahahaha :D love you :D 2d
  •   paula_bertin Quem e essaaa? 15h
  •   thesyre_estevam Quem é essa ?o.0 12h
  •   marianegastaldo hi harry, i just wanna say i love you so much. The only thing i want is hug you for a long time. Forever it's good, i guess. Anyway, i just wanna see your smile and touch your skin, i need it so hard, you have no idea. And i'm crying bc i'm scared, i mean, and if doesn't happen? I just need you babe. So much. I love you, doesn't matter what, ok? I'll be there for you curly, always and forever. I'm not joking. Seriously. And please, come back soon to brazil, we miss you guys here! xx 7h
  •   directioner_0456 One time I was roller skating so fast I couldn't stop myself and i ended up stoping when I hit the door of a mens restroom and fell inside while there was this cute guy inside it was so embarrassing 2h

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