lynnethm Colourful sky 2y
  •   missesteche Spectacular! 2y
  •   lynnethm @missesteche Thank you so much! Sorry for the delay. Having to use web version and don't get notifications!  2y
  •   shelia9 Awesome sky! 2y
  •   jakobyone Cool effects 2y
  •   lynnethm @shelia9 Thank you! It wasn't when I took it! A bit of over te top editing, I'm afraid, but I like the effect! 2y
  •   lynnethm @jakobyone Thank you again! You're very kind. I love your photos - not commented as this web version is so slow!  2y
  •   shelia9 :))) 2y
  •   lynnethm #sky 2y

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