barackobama “In you, the American people, I am reminded of all the things that tilt the future in our favor."—President Obama in Cleveland, Ohio today. Check out the full speech: http://OFA.BO/NS6Jqe 2y
  •   al_rebroff @kozimoo ты злая мамочка 4w
  •   cico.galbraith 怒赞!总统先生 4w
  •   blu_ray11 Look at the camera for once 3w
  •   jamespmarshall Go die in a hole already @barackobama Your such a quack You are an utter disgrace. Oh sure you can bring back that no good traitor of a soldier from a bunch of terrorists in exchange for terrorists, but you can't negotiate (or even bring up) the liberation of the perfectly good soldier who served two tourers of duty and suffers from PTSD who is being held hostage in Mexico simply because he crossed the border without knowing he did. Did I mention he gets beaten regularly? Oh one last thing. Nice try with the IRS scandals you little twerp. I suggest you recover those "missing emails" that just so happen to go missing right when we need them to prove the IRS is specifically targeting conservative groups with audits and other life ruining tax related penalties. For your own good I hope you get impeached before some crazy lunatic takes these matters into his own hands and impeached you permanently. 3w
  •   johnbusa52 Don't listen too them sir you are doing a tremendous job. :D 1w

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