barackobama "You will make the difference in this election."–First Lady Michelle Obama stopped by to say thanks to @OFA_PA volunteers in Philadelphia today #Obama2012 2y
  •   christianwheresbecky Where's the quote when she said "This is the first time in my adult life that I have been proud of this country." 2y
  •   ______xo______ I love michelle 2y
  •   cchicllc 2y
  •   amber642 Obama your the greatest I think my option I think you have done a very great job helping are country run we will support you in these 4 more years I'm so glad to see you are having a great time at DC And with your family I hope you are happy -amber 1y
  •   pic4cookie God blessed america with this first family 1y
  •   gretakerr MICHELLE 1y
  •   moon.chief USA USA USA USA 10mon
  •   _andreahope 8mon

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